Imagine a world where scientific insights, developments and concepts are understandable, consice and clear for everyone.

The problem

Too many scientific insights and innovations don’t reach the people they are intended for. It is an enourmous translational challenge to make complex matter simple and ready for crosstalk between innovators, funders, patients, doctors and the industry.

Our solution

Sketch University makes the complex simple. We do this by challenging researchers to unravel the key elements of their ideas and by translating those in simple illustrations and graphics.

Who we are

We are Josine de Winter and Pleuni Hooijman, two creative PhD’s who share a passion for translating science.

Josine de Winter received her PhD in Muscle physiology, holding a master in Human Movement Sciences and a teacher’s degree in physiology and anatomy. She gained international scientific experience in Pavia (Italy) and Tucson, Arizona (USA). Currently, she has a post-doc position at Amsterdam UMC and is a research fellow at Harvard Medical School in Boston (USA). Science strikes her, not only her specific field, but science in general. In addition to her translational research, Josine is also highly interested in translating scientific findings: her goal is to make science visible to the public.

Pleuni Hooijman received her PhD in muscle physiology in 2015 after she graduated cum laude in Medical Natural Sciences in 2010. Pleuni gained international experience at University of California San Francisco at and a tech startup in London. Throughout the years working as a scientist she realized the importance of translating her scientific findings into understandable language. This is when she started applying her life-time passion for drawing into science. Pleuni is a former professional triathlete.


Scientific journals, NWO Rubicon, NIH, VENI VIDI VICI Grants, Nederlandse Hartstichting, Horizon 2020, ERC PoC & CoG, IMI Research and Innovation Action

Amsterdam UMC, University of Arizona, AMC/VUmc Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences, VUmc Department of Physiology, Spinoza Laureates